Top Tips for Seniors to Avoid Migraine Headaches When Travelling

Top Tips for Seniors to Avoid Migraine Headaches When Travelling

There are so many seniors who suffer with chronic migraines. If you are among them, then you definitely know how travelling with migraines can sometimes put a true damper on your trip. If you want to see the world, you should not let anything stand in your way including migraines. The following tips can help you have a headache –free trip.

  • Plan ahead always

Stress is one of the leading migraine trigger, and having a travel itinerary is essential for avoiding stress. Organize and plan every little detail of your travel ahead of time. Have confirmation numbers, daily agendas, and hotel details neatly organized. With all travel details put together in an organized manner, you will be able to avoid unnecessary stress.

  • Pack all your medications

Anyone who suffers from migraine understands just how many medicines they have to have ready at all times. Be sure to pack all your meds in a daily pill box.

  • Know your triggers

To avoid migraine headaches when on a trip, you should avoid your triggers. To avoid your triggers, you must know what they are. You triggers could be stress, pressure changes, artificial sweeteners, motion sickness or sleep. Just know the things that trigger your headache. Everyone’s triggers are usually different. So, you should know yours. Some of the most common triggers of migraine include stress, alcohol, excessive caffeine, excessive heat, time zone changes, motion sickness, and cabin pressure on airplanes.

  • Stay adequately hydrated

Staying adequately hydrated is one of the most effective ways to keep migraine at bay. Be sure to drink plenty of water and electrolytes. Drink as much as you can. Based on studies, a loss of electrolytes causes the brain nerves to produce pain signals.

  • Avoid trigger foods

There are certain foods that can trigger migraine. If you are a migraine suffer, then you should avoid nuts, soy, citrus, cheese, wine, spices, nitrates, artificial sweeteners, and chocolate. The best thing to do is to know your trigger foods and avoid them before and when you are travelling.

  • Get enough sleep

When you travel especially abroad, your sleep patterns will often be interrupted with time zone changes and jetlag. This can be particularly very dangerous for older travelers who suffer from migraine because lack of sleep is a notorious trigger so also add a Medicare Supplement Plans 2020 to your plan so find one at
To ensure that you have enough sleep when traveling, you can take safe sleeping pills.

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