Top 4 Dance Forms Seniors Want to Try Out

Top 4 Dance Forms Seniors Want to Try Out


Jazzercise originally started in the year 1969 & at present, there are as many as 32,000 classes every week across 32 nations. Modern Jazzercise classes include a dance routine which merges kickboxing & yoga elements for an entire body workout. You can also find“options that include lite”fitness & low-impact activities for those just starting out.


Zumba can be considered as a cardio exercise class which bills itself to be one of the dance parties. Instead of putting endless hours working on a treadmill, you could try working up the sweat whilst relishing a group dance class with your counterparts. You can find classic and fast-paced classes for your Zumba, along with a few other options, which includes water-based and low impact Zumba. Thus, this dance form can accommodate seniors with all types of fitness levels. Zumba workout video games and tapes even enable you to practice it without leaving your house.

Ballroom Dance

You may not be able to locate a ballroom dance class at a nearby gym, however, they can still be a good workout option nevertheless. Learning the right way to waltz, tango or foxtrot can be a great workout which enhances your balance as well as agility. In addition, these dance forms can add plenty of fun.

Square Dancing

Square Dancing is among the most popular fast moving dance forms meaning it is an excellent cardio exercise. Partners dance whilst a caller notifies them what type of moves they need to perform next. One particular thing in regards to square dancing is it is one of those tight-knit communities. You can find plenty of clubs all across the US which meets on a weekly basis for dancing and other fun activities. Hence, after learning the right way to square dance, you’re likely to stay engaged with the rest of the community members.

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