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Three Tends to Have on Your Mind

Three Tends to Have on Your Mind


Like every other thing, Medicare Supplement insurance changes on a constant basis, sometimes for better things to come and sometimes for the worse. If you are in Medicare plan or you will enroll in the near future, it is important to recognize it and look at some of the trends that you may find in the area of ​​Medigap and Medicare insurance. For the first time since 1992, standard Medicare Supplement plans change. The changes took effect on June 1, 2010, though agencies are already beginning to declare their rates for the new “modernized” plans. The two new and future plans, Plan M and Plan N, have the potential to impact the world of Medicare supplement plans. The plans are smaller and cheaper substitutes for some of the most expensive plans. Bear in mind that with reduced costs, benefits will be reduced proportionally. If you agree with one of these plans, you will need to qualify at a medical level (that is, for most companies) if you want to update the plan at a later date.

The other two main factors that should be observed in terms of contemporary plans are the total dissolution of Plan J and the modification of Plan G (the excess commissions in Part B are 100%, as well as Plan F). Online quote/access to services as in many other business areas, the Medicare insurance sector connects to a record number of clients for the benefit of agents, consumers, and businesses. It means for you that you can enroll for a plan in an informed and educated way, without ever talking to any individual and, in any case, never having to find someone out of line. Although you do not need to do business this way or sign a plan in this way, this option is more available than ever and has many benefits. First, you can compare Medicare Supplement plans in minutes and save time and make sure you get the best program available.

  • Rate instability: in a way, it is quite speculative; but, it is very rational and predictable. For the next 2 years, Medigap plans will have significant increases in rates. These increases are likely to extend to businesses and governments. The probable reasons are:
  • a. Increase in the number of members of Medicare Advantage who leave these plans and enroll in the Medicare supplemental pension (on average, that group is not in good health and the supplemental plans were due to the involuntary loss of their Advantage plans)
  • b. Increase in the number of member employers of group insurance schemes that leave these plans to sign public health plans (this group is, on average, less healthy and perhaps older than the Insured, but due to the growing number of companies that stop be having health benefits, those people have to look elsewhere)
  1. Factors related to the economic climate (like many other agencies that reacted in some way to the dynamic economic climate, it is practical that even integration companies do the same).

Public health 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plans found at costs and may even exclude people with health problems. However, they generally offer wider access to health care.

Top Tips for Seniors to Avoid Migraine Headaches When Travelling

Top Tips for Seniors to Avoid Migraine Headaches When Travelling

There are so many seniors who suffer with chronic migraines. If you are among them, then you definitely know how travelling with migraines can sometimes put a true damper on your trip. If you want to see the world, you should not let anything stand in your way including migraines. The following tips can help you have a headache –free trip.

  • Plan ahead always

Stress is one of the leading migraine trigger, and having a travel itinerary is essential for avoiding stress. Organize and plan every little detail of your travel ahead of time. Have confirmation numbers, daily agendas, and hotel details neatly organized. With all travel details put together in an organized manner, you will be able to avoid unnecessary stress.

  • Pack all your medications

Anyone who suffers from migraine understands just how many medicines they have to have ready at all times. Be sure to pack all your meds in a daily pill box.

  • Know your triggers

To avoid migraine headaches when on a trip, you should avoid your triggers. To avoid your triggers, you must know what they are. You triggers could be stress, pressure changes, artificial sweeteners, motion sickness or sleep. Just know the things that trigger your headache. Everyone’s triggers are usually different. So, you should know yours. Some of the most common triggers of migraine include stress, alcohol, excessive caffeine, excessive heat, time zone changes, motion sickness, and cabin pressure on airplanes.

  • Stay adequately hydrated

Staying adequately hydrated is one of the most effective ways to keep migraine at bay. Be sure to drink plenty of water and electrolytes. Drink as much as you can. Based on studies, a loss of electrolytes causes the brain nerves to produce pain signals.

  • Avoid trigger foods

There are certain foods that can trigger migraine. If you are a migraine suffer, then you should avoid nuts, soy, citrus, cheese, wine, spices, nitrates, artificial sweeteners, and chocolate. The best thing to do is to know your trigger foods and avoid them before and when you are travelling.

  • Get enough sleep

When you travel especially abroad, your sleep patterns will often be interrupted with time zone changes and jetlag. This can be particularly very dangerous for older travelers who suffer from migraine because lack of sleep is a notorious trigger so also add a Medicare Supplement Plans 2020 to your plan so find one at
To ensure that you have enough sleep when traveling, you can take safe sleeping pills.

Top 4 Dance Forms Seniors Want to Try Out

Top 4 Dance Forms Seniors Want to Try Out


Jazzercise originally started in the year 1969 & at present, there are as many as 32,000 classes every week across 32 nations. Modern Jazzercise classes include a dance routine which merges kickboxing & yoga elements for an entire body workout. You can also find“options that include lite”fitness & low-impact activities for those just starting out.


Zumba can be considered as a cardio exercise class which bills itself to be one of the dance parties. Instead of putting endless hours working on a treadmill, you could try working up the sweat whilst relishing a group dance class with your counterparts. You can find classic and fast-paced classes for your Zumba, along with a few other options, which includes water-based and low impact Zumba. Thus, this dance form can accommodate seniors with all types of fitness levels. Zumba workout video games and tapes even enable you to practice it without leaving your house.

Ballroom Dance

You may not be able to locate a ballroom dance class at a nearby gym, however, they can still be a good workout option nevertheless. Learning the right way to waltz, tango or foxtrot can be a great workout which enhances your balance as well as agility. In addition, these dance forms can add plenty of fun.

Square Dancing

Square Dancing is among the most popular fast moving dance forms meaning it is an excellent cardio exercise. Partners dance whilst a caller notifies them what type of moves they need to perform next. One particular thing in regards to square dancing is it is one of those tight-knit communities. You can find plenty of clubs all across the US which meets on a weekly basis for dancing and other fun activities. Hence, after learning the right way to square dance, you’re likely to stay engaged with the rest of the community members.

Medigap Plans:

Medicare advantage plans are an option too so find out about these at    Medigap or Medicare supplement plans are essential since they allow you to minimize various out of pocket costs which you would otherwise need to pay for your healthcare since they aren’t covered by Medicare. They’re especially beneficial for older adults who tend to visit the doctor due to various health issues that arise every now and then.


Medicare Supplement Plan F includes the strongest offering of Medicare Supplement (likewise called Medigap) benefits, among the 10 Medigap plans that are institutionalized in 47 states. (Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have their own adaptations of Medicare Supplement insurance.) Plan F’s inclusion points of interest are wide and might bear some significance with Medicare recipients with visit Medicare out-of-take costs.

Since Medigap Plan F is so complete, it leaves Medicare Part A and Part B recipients with few out-of-take costs for Medicare-secured administrations. This kind of inclusion accompanies a cost, be that as it may, as Plan F might be the most costly plan of all the Medigap contributions. This may not generally be the situation, be that as it may, and you might need to look around to consider all Plan F alternatives in your general vicinity. Despite the fact that Plan F incorporates a similar arrangement of benefits regardless of where you purchase the plan, plan expenses may differ among insurance organizations who offer the plan.

There are two renditions of Plan F that might be accessible in the region where you live: Standard Plan F and high-deductible Plan F, and the benefits are the same in the two adaptations. The main difference is that under high-deductible Plan F, recipients pay all expenses until the point when a deductible sum is come to. The high-deductible plan might be accessible at a lower month to month premium than the standard Plan F.  Get a quote at

Similar to the case with all Medicare plan choices (Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medigap), Medicare Supplement valuing can differ by insurance organization. The insurance organization is allowed to set values as it sees fit, and you may wish to consider the majority of the accessible alternatives in your general vicinity to ensure you’re finding a value point that works for you.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Costs will differ by plan supplier, yet you should hope to pay a higher premium sum for standard Plan F over the high-deductible adaptation.

High-Deductible Plan F

Since you pay a higher deductible sum with this kind of Plan F, the month to month premium sum might be lower than the standard Plan F. Premium costs may differ by plan supplier.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Standard Plan F typically has a lower yearly deductible sum, when contrasted with the high-deductible variant.

High-Deductible Plan F

High-deductible Plan F expects recipients to pay a higher out-of-stash sum. Once achieved, the plan covers whatever is left of your Medicare took care of health-care costs for whatever remains of the year.

Applying for Medicare supplement plans

Medicare supplement plans have become general term these days. Many people are interested in such plans to provide their family better health care.

What these plans are?

Medicare supplement plans as the name suggest supplement the cost of health care. In general Medicare plans also called Part A and Part B; some of the major health care is left out. Thus, private insurance company provides such supplement plans to help you take care of health care cost not considered in general Medicare plan. Medicare supplement plans provide policy for health care during foreign travel, some prescribed drug cost and so on.

Suppose you are in need of Medicare supplements plans and want to apply for it. Before applying for an Cigna Medicare supplement plan at you need to learn some details that will make the process easier for you.

Applying for Medicare supplement plans

Various things that one must know before applying for Medicare supplement plans are as follows.

  • Before taking Medicare supplement plans one must have already taken Medicare plans Part A and Part B. You are eligible to take Medicare supplement plans only after you have Medicare plans Part A and Part B. Moreover, you need to be 65 years or older and have diagnosis of end stage renal disease or other certain disability.
  • Medicare supplement plans don’t cover all hospital cost, but are meant to pay some of the cost that you are unable to pay. If you want insurance to pay your entire hospital bill, you have Medicare plans part A and part B.
  • Medicare supplement plans rarely include prescription drug cost.
  • In United States of America, Federal law doesn’t allow insurance company to sell supplement plans to one under 65. If you are under 65 you can take general Medicare plans Part A and Part B. Medicare supplement plans are generally recommended for one above 65. If you are under 65 and have end stage renal disease or certain disability, you can apply for the plans. The approval of plan generally depends on your physical condition and need.
  • One must also know about advantage and disadvantages of Medicare supplement plans and how it is different from Medicare advantage plans.


These are the things one must know before applying for Medicare supplement plans because one might get confused later about the plans and may be unable to take proper advantage from the Medicare supplement plans. So, take care of these things and if you are eligible, please apply for such Medicare supplement plans and stay healthier.

Great Travel Websites for seniors

When it comes to travel for seniors you should be careful to select the best sites that will blow your mind with joy. At this age there is nothing more important than having a happy and fulfilling life. Whether you are travelling alone or you are travelling as a group or a family, you deserve the better option to travel the world. This is the time that you want your money to work for you. Why don’t you go for the best them?

There are many ways to find the best destination for you. You should ask yourself there three questions

  • What do you want to achieve by travelling
  • What is your budget
  • Do you have any health issue that can deter you from some places

The answer to these three questions will lead you to the best choice. Then, how do you get the right destination regarding your answer.

Here are four great websites that specialize with senior destinations


medigap plans 2019

AARP is a great site to explore for any senior travel sites in US and around the world. AARP will provide with travel tips, major destinations and the average cost that you will incur during your travel. The site is very elaborate as you have an various options to search your destinations with. You can filter destinations depending with your budget, the kind of sceneries you want to a specific destination. It will provide you with estimated flight costs that you can be able to budget for the travel.


This is a great website for seniors who are looking for adventure travels. It is specifically designed for seniors above 50 years old. It will provide you great travelling destinations around the world. This site is very easy to navigate and go directly to what you are looking for.

Medigap Plans in 2019 should be on everyone’s list to help pay deductibles and coinsurance not covered by Medicare. You are on Medicare aren’t you? If not you’d better see if you can sign up right away before you start traveling. These plans can provide the extra piece of mind when you’re overseas especially as they have a foreign travel benefit.

Over 50 and overseas

This site is specifically for people over 50 years of age who want destinations specializing with volunteering. Many senior people find joy in volunteering after they retire to help others. Volunteering also help them to keep their mind active which is good for their health. Over 50 and overseas provide various opportunities for seniors to volunteer and voluntourism. They communicate with members through their sites on various programs scheduled in the year so that they may prepare on time.


The above three websites represents three various reasons for a senior travel.  AARP specialize on cruises destinations, Eldertreks give a better choice for adventure travels while over 50 and overseas specializes on volunteering destinations. There are many other websites that specialize on seniors destination that you can get on the internet

Are people happy with Medicare Supplement Plan?

This is a question that most of those who are enrolled in other health insurance plans have been asking themselves. In fact, there are people who have been doubting the effectiveness and reliability of Medicare supplement plan simply because they have not encountered it before. However, some of those who have tasted the fruits of this plan have come out openly to give their testimonies that indeed this particular plan is the best in terms of covering those costs that may not or cannot be covered by the original Medicare plan. There are a number of reasons why those enrolled in Medicare supplement plan are happy about it.

Humana medicare advantage 2019The first reason is that Medicare plan is offered through private insurance companies. With this fact, they have expressed the fact that private insurance firms are better when it comes to processing payments and when it comes to remitting benefits to the beneficiaries. Unlike the government health entities, they say, this plan is helpful considering that it is more efficient than other public owned health entities. With public insurance organizations, the process of claiming benefits is said to be lengthy and complicated. This is what has made people happier to be enrolled with the Medicare supplement plan.

Secondly, this is a medigap plan that stands in each and every gap that has been left by the original Medicare plan. When something fills up the gap, it means that it has helped you in fitting up the missing links in health care. People who have enrolled in this plan have expressed their happiness given the fact that they are now able to medical and hospital costs that the original Medicare insurance doesn’t cover. These costs includes copayments, coinsurance and other yearly deductibles. This has been good news to people who have been longing to be enrolled in this particular plan. For other Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 visit

The other good thing that has made this plan popular is that it is even in a position to cover other expenses that may not be covered by other insurance covers. An example of such a health care service includes; the private nursing expenses. It is possible to organize for a cover where one will benefit from services offered by private nursing homes. This particular cover is the best for the disabled and the elderly. This is what original Medicare may not cover at all. The Medicare supplement plan has been a savior to many.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

When looking into acquiring a Medicare supplement plan they will find Medicare supplement Plan G is very similar to Plan F in the benefits they provide. These two Medigap plans seem to have the best coverage likened to the other ten Medicare supplement insurance plans. The difference between Medicare supplement Plan F and Plan G is that Plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible. This will be the individuals out of pockets costs.

Medicare Part B deductible can change from year to year and the patient will have to pay all of this deductible before Medicare will start paying. After that, your Medicare supplement plan will pay the 20% medical expenses that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B does not take care of. These expenses may be for specialists and medical equipment one may need for their medical problem.

As all Medicare supplement plans help with the cost of the 20% remaining medical costs, Medicare supplement plan G will help with the following costs.

Medicare Part A deductible

Medicare Part A inpatient hospital coinsurance past the 365 Medicare has already paid

Medicare Part A hospice copayments or coinsurance

Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment

Medicare Part B excess charge

First three pints of blood needed for your care

Nursing home care

Medical care in a foreign country (up to 80%)

Medicare supplement Plan G and Medicare Part B excess    charges

One thing you see is that Medicare supplement Plan G covers Medicare Part B excess charges, which most of the Medicare supplement plans do not cover. Medicare supplement plan F is another plan that covers this advantage. The additional medical services are the medical costs Part B excess charges which most Medicare supplement plans do not take care of. Medicare has established certain amounts that it will pay for medical services and will only pay that amount. This is a Medicare fee schedule set up with rates the will control payments for medical service and specialists and what they may charge.

Let it be known that all Medicare supplement plans are standardized and are the same in all states. Some may not be available in all states, but the designated lettered plans A-L are the same. Each Insurance company will offer the plans, but the cost of the monthly premiums may vary greatly between each insurance company and will be different in the area in which you live.